Trash Hoppers, Scrap Hoppers, and Waste Hoppers

Hoppers and dumpsters that make the workplace safer, more efficient, and more profitable.

Work Smarter, Not Harder With Convenient Trash Hoppers

Whether you need a low-profile trash hopper that slides beneath your wood shop workbench, or you need a large central dumping hopper for bulk materials in a warehouse, we make handling workplace trash easy.

Our heavy duty trash hoppers come in a variety of styles and sizes, with accessories and customization available to fit your precise needs: dump hoppers for the construction site, casters for whisking material around a manufacturing floor, and fork pockets for safety and convenience.

Whatever you’re looking for in a trash hopper, Creekside Manufacturing is here to help.

Which Trash Hopper Is Right for You?

All of our self-dumping hoppers are available in standard 4000lb and 6000lb capacity. Our 6000lb capacity includes extra bracing and heavier-duty metal with a thicker gauge for high-impact settings and extra-heavy loads.

With a self dumping tilt mechanism (that can also remain safely in a locked position) and forklift pockets, these trash hoppers are perfect for anywhere you need to collect and dump waste quickly and easily.
With incredible load capacity and steel construction built-to-last, our trash hoppers for telehandlers make construction sites safer, for peace of mind.
Perfect for forklifts with rotator mechanisms, these freestanding bins help you carry, store, dispose, or collect any material that fits.
Why buy a skid loader when your forklift can do the job? Our durable scoop and dump mechanism means more savings on material handling equipment.

What Our Trash Hopper Customers Are Saying

“This was my first purchase from Creekside. I purchased a heavy duty dump hopper That is definitely built to last. Yes, I could have saved a few hundred dollars shopping somewhere else, but I know this model is built to last. The gentleman I spoke with during my inquiry/ sale was very adamant about the quality in the materials and manufacturing of there products. I definitely recommend Creekside Manufacturing.”

Mike F.

Satisfied CLient

“Great fabricator. Quality workmanship at reasonable prices.”

Rob R.

Satisfied CLient

“Creekside is great to work with! I have over a dozen of their trash hoppers and have never had any issues with them. I highly recommend them.”

Jordan E.

Satisfied CLient

“Justin was great to talk to ,understood what we wanted and gave us an excellent product great experience.”

Brian A.

Satisfied CLient

How The Right Trash Hopper Makes Business Easier

If you’re handling refuse and waste manually, the right trash hopper will revolutionize your business’ safety, efficiency, and profitability. No more manually dumping trash hoppers; fewer trips to the dumpster for your employees; less time spent moving trash and more time spent crafting goods and services!

Keep Your Team Safe

While it's not always the number one consideration, the right dump hopper or trash hopper will make all the difference in your workplace safety. With built-in safety latch, locking mechanisms, and most important LESS MANUAL TRASH HANDLING, your team will feel safer and work more efficiently.

Waste Less Time

Add up the minutes your employees spend moving waste material and refuse – and even raw parts – around your facility or job sites and you'll quickly realize there's a lot of efficiency lost. With the right trash hopper, your team will spend less time WASTED, and more time CREATING VALUE.

Build More Stuff

Eliminate assembly line bottlenecks and keep your employees doing what they do well – building stuff and creating value – and you'll increase profitability.

Types of Trash Hoppers We Build

The Telehandler Box (Contractor Box)

Creekside Manufacturing specializes in trash hoppers designed specifically for compatibility with telehandler equipment and use at height. These reliable, long-lasting dumpsters make waste-management in industrial and construction settings easier than ever.

With upgraded weight capacity and built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty usage (go ahead, pitch those cinder blocks in) our dump hoppers provide ease of handling with telehandler machinery and pettibones no matter where your work takes you on the job site.

The Self Dumping Hopper

Our self dumping hoppers are some of most popular trash hoppers for a reason – heavy duty usage that makes work a whole lot easier (and even more fun). Designed for heavy-duty performance and to significantly simplify waste handling tasks, these hoppers are popular due to their robust construction and practical functionality.

Constructed with high-quality materials and available in a wide range of profiles, sizes, and weight capacities, these hoppers are built to endure the rigors of frequent use, making them a reliable choice for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications.

The Forklift Trash Hopper (Rotator Forklift Bins)

Creekside Manufacturing’s forklift trash hoppers are crafted to provide an optimal solution for waste handling or parts storage using forklifts, often equipped with rotator mechanisms. With a simple, robust design and an array of dimensions, they can be stacked 3 to 4 high, making them a perfect replacement for pallet racking when storing parts and to save space!

The Forklift Scoop

The forklift scoop by Creekside Manufacturing offers a unique and efficient alternative to traditional skid loaders. This innovative scooping and dumping mechanism is designed to be attached to forklifts, transforming them into versatile tools for material handling. Ideal for moving large volumes of material, such as soil, sand, or gravel, this design focuses on ease of use and efficiency, allowing for quick scooping and dumping actions from the comfort of the forklift seat.

The Custom Trash Hopper

Understanding that every industry has unique requirements, Creekside Manufacturing offers custom trash hoppers built to your requirements. In fact, we love coming up with unique solutions to complex or edge cases. Specify height, specify width, add extra features, pick a color: you name it, our team can make it.

Order Your Trash Hopper Today!

Find pricing and spec sheets for our variety of trash hoppers below, or call today to learn more about options and specifications, or place your order! We’d love to learn more about your business and help find the perfect trash hopper for your needs.

Self Dumping Hoppers Prices & Specs

Forklift Bin Prices & Specs

Specifications and Features Available In Our Trash Hoppers

Load Capacity: 4,000lb and 8,000lb standard capacities.


1/2-yard to 8-yards (and higher for custom orders).
Widths starting 36″
Heights starting at 36″
Depths starting at 36″

Empty Weight: 300 lbs. and up

Construction Materials: painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum in 7 ga and 11 ga

Colors: Your choice. Standard colors include gray, yellow, red, green, blue, black, orange, maroon, and dark blue

Features: Self dumping hopper or fixed designs, safety latches, locking mechanism, forklift pull-cable, open top, low-profile side, liquid storage, casters, drain holes with plugs, retractable rope system, push-around bars, overhead crane hooks, steel & aluminum lids, quick-attach capabilities, and more!

We do custom trash hoppers of all kinds. Call today to learn more.

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A trash hopper is a no-brainer for any business that generates waste continuously in their facility, and we’d love to help make your business run a little smoother. Call today to learn more about the right trash hopper for you, get up-to-date prices, and find out how fast we can have your hopper ready.