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Creekside Manufacturing’s self-dumping hoppers are built to make your work and business easier, faster, and more efficient.

Imagine your business with less wasted time moving and removing trash. What if your team was 10% more efficient every day? How much more could you produce?

Called self-dumping hoppers, these mobile bins sit inside or outside your facility as close to the source of waste or parts as possible. When full, a forklift can quickly slide under our self-dumping hoppers to lift, move, and whisk away the debris, dumping it easily into your outdoor or indoor full-size dumpster from any height.

Many of our customers also use our dump hoppers to store parts, widgets, and other manufacturing necessities. “Taking out the trash” has never been easier than with a Creekside Manufacturing self-dumping hopper.

Who Can Benefit From A Self-Dumping Hopper?

Self-dumping hoppers are time-savers, back-savers, and money-savers by improving efficiency in your shop. The list of businesses and employers that can benefit from a quality self-dumping hopper by Creekside is endless. 

We’ve sold self-dumping hoppers to pallet shops, farmers, manufacturing facilities, woodworking shops, recycling facilities, polycarbonate manufacturing facilities, steelworking shops, and more. 

Anywhere that makes significant trash or requires parts containers can benefit from the speed and ease of using a dump-hopper instead of traditional trash bins. 

Just imagine the speed at which you and your team can quickly whisk waste out of your facility: no more lugging large trash bins around, no more toting steel barrels, no more back-breaking (and even hazardous) wheeling trash cans all around the shop throughout the day. 

With a self-dumping hopper, trash and waste removal is as easy as jumping on your forklift. Whether you’re removing trash once a week or three-times daily, a self-dumping hopper can make business more enjoyable. Let the forklift do the work! 

Did you know that putting a barrel on a pallet, lifting it up to your outdoor dumpster, and tipping it off is a major OSHA no-no? No one wants to hear from OSHA regulators, and a self-dumping hopper can make your shop easier, lower your risk of accidents, and improve workplace safety. 

“Many hands make light work” and a self-dumping hopper provides a LOT of hands.

Our Self-Dumping Hoppers

All of our self-dumping hoppers are available in standard 4000lb and 6000lb capacity. Our 6000lb capacity includes extra bracing and heavier-duty metal with a thicker gauge for high-impact settings and extra-heavy loads.


Standard Dump Hopper

Our standard self-dumping hopper comes in a variety of sizes and will fit just about anywhere a pallet would. Customizable and built for durability, you’ll be thrilled with the improved efficiency on your shop floor or job site – and your team will thank you for making life a little easier.

  • 1/2-yard to 7-yards (custom sizes available)
  • All of our self-dumping hoppers are available in standard 4000lb and 6000lb capacity. Our 6000lb capacity includes extra bracing and heavier-duty metal with a thicker gauge for high-impact settings and extra-heavy loads.

Open-End Dump Hopper

Perfect for long scraps like wood, plastic, metal, or tubing and pipes. Our open-end dump hopper makes odd-shaped waste or trash easy.

  • We manufacturer Open-End Dump Hoppers in 4, 6, and 8 foot widths. And in many different hights and lengths. We can manufacture these to customer’s specs.

Low-Profile High-Volume Dump Hopper

Great for underneath work benches or tables, a low-profile self-dumping hopper with wheels can roll right underneath your worktables. These come in a variety of sizes and come standard with casters for rolling around the shop.

  • Standard sizes: 4’ x 4’ x 26”; 4’ x 4’ x 34”; 5’ x 4’ x 26”; 5’ x 4’ x 34.” Custom sizes available.

Quick-Attach Dump Hopper

Comes with a quick-attach plate for skid-loaders, wheel loaders, and other equipment, making this a great tool for job sites, landscaping, farming use, and more.

  • ½-yard to 2.5-yard sizes are standard. Custom sizes available.

Videos of Our Self-Dumping Hoppers

Skidsteer Mounted Quick Attach Dumpster

Open End Low Profile Self-Dumping Hopper

Low Profile Self-Dumping Skeleton Hopper

High Volume Low Profile Self-Dumping Hopper

High Volume Customizable Self-Dumping Dumpster

2 Yard Self-Dumping Hopper with Bump-n-Dump

Creekside Manufacturing’s Self-Dumping Hopper Features

Easy-to-dump and built to be used regularly for years to come, our self-dumping hoppers dump easily and return to load position all in one smooth rolling motion, and can be customized for any environment.

Our dumpster options include a safety latch standard to ensure the dumpster cannot spill its content prior to arriving at the dump site. 

Additional options and upgrades can include:

Release System

Release system, with which a forklift operator can simply pull a cord – even when the dumpster is elevated on the forks – to spring the safety latch and allow for a swift dump.

hands-free latch system

Our hands-free latch system has a unique bumper design that allows the forklift operator to simply bump the dumpster against the dumping point to release the safety latch.

Safety Chains

All of our self-dumping hoppers include safety chains, which wrap around the fork backs to ensure a snug fit and to keep the self-dumping hopper on the forks in case of emergency stops or shifts.

Heavy Duty Wheel Addition

Add heavy duty wheels to your dump hopper for easy maneuvering around your facility.

Ordering A Creekside Manufacturing Self-Dumping Hopper

With our experience helping dozens of businesses like yours, we can help you select the features that make the most sense for your business or use-case. Once you’ve picked the features and size you need, simply place your order by phone or our website and we go to work.Once your dumpster is complete, pick up or have your dumpster shipped and pay at the time of completion.

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Dump Hopper Benefits For Businesses

Why switch to a self-dumping hopper by Creekside Manufacturing? It’s simple:

1. Increased Efficiency

Self-dumping hoppers allow for quick and easy dumping of loads, helping to reduce downtime and maximize productivity.

2. Safety

Self-dumping hoppers are designed to keep workers safe from hazardous materials, as they're equipped with safety chains and release levers that keep workers out of harm's way.

3. Versatility

Self-dumping hoppers can be used for a variety of applications, from waste disposal to material handling.

4. Durability

Self-dumping hoppers are designed for heavy-duty use, making them a great long-term investment.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Self-dumping hoppers are typically less expensive than other types of load-specific hoppers, making them a great option for businesses on a budget as they can be used with most existing equipment.

Common Questions About Self-Dumping Hoppers

All standard size hoppers are in stock and ready to ship same day if ordered by 12 pm.

After much testing and consideration over the years, our self-dumping hoppers are painted, not powder-coated. 

Powder-coating can be great for metal in low-abuse settings, but we know from experience that when powder coatings chip – and they inevitably do with dump hoppers and waste management – moisture slowly seeps behind powder coating and rust will form and powder coat will peel off rapidly. 

By contrast, our painted approach is more likely to dent or scratch than create large chips, reducing moisture seepage and corrosion in the long-run. We use a high-quality enamel paint on all our products; we don’t settle for anything but the best. 

We build our self-dumping hoppers for durability, longevity, and integrity..

A 1-yard dumpster will hold waste equivalent to 3ft x 3ft x 3ft: a cubic yard. This is a common measurement for dumpsters and self-dumping hoppers. We make self-dumping hoppers as small as ¼-yard and as large as 7-yards standard, though we can custom manufacture hoppers of all kinds.

You clearly know self-dumping hoppers!

Creekside Manufacturing’s self-dumping hoppers are NOT pinless. Here’s why: we’ve spent considerable time and energy extensively evaluating pinless approaches, and thus far we have not been convinced that this approach is ideal for most customers. The pin in a traditional self-dumping hopper keeps the dumper on track as it pivots forward, and we’ve seen time-and-time again how the pinless approach creates multiple pinch points and ultimately failure points, creating durability issues in the long-run.  

Proper self-dumping hopper manufacturing, with a traditional pin, requires attention to detail, skilled welding and planning, and experience to manufacture well. When built well, self-dumping hoppers like ours can last for decades.

Creekside Manufacturing has been manufacturing self-dumping hoppers for more than two decades, and we pride ourselves in our commitment to crafting great products that will make your workplace easier, safer, and more productive. Hand-crafted by our own family and small team, we build products to last, and we want every customer to walk away completely satisfied. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we stand behind every self-dumping hopper that leaves our floor.

We ship our self-dumping hoppers nationwide, or you can pick up your hopper yourself at our Lancaster, PA facility.

Yes, we sell stainless steel dump hoppers at very affordable prices. Please call for a free quote.

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A self-dumping hopper is a no-brainer for any business that generates waste continuously in their facility, and we’d love to help make your business run a little smoother. Call today to learn more about the right self-dumping hopper for you, get up-to-date prices, and find out how fast we can have your hopper ready.