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Forklift bins can be made in just about any size, shape, or weight capacity that you need. 

They’re stackable, moveable, transportable, rollable, and incredibly versatile for just about anything you can think of. 

Take out trash. Store parts. Move parts. Stack tools. 

We make forklift bins with one side lower than the rest, meaning that an entire stack of forklift bins can still allow for access to each bin: a great feature for those who go through lots of parts in their shop!

Simple, functional, fast, and efficient for businesses and shops of all kinds. If you have a rotating forklift, you can even use our forklift bins for dumping trash!

Fully welded and stackable with no moving parts, there’s next to nothing on these forklift bins to wear out. You’ll be using your Creekside Manufacturing forklift bins for generations.

Forklift Bin Considerations For New Buyers

When it comes to buying forklift bins, Creekside Manufacturing works hard to meet our customers where they need us. That means providing a variety of forklift bin sizes and heights to meet your needs. That’s our customers’ top concern: “can I find the forklift bin size that I need?”

With Creekside Manufacturing, the answer is a resounding yes. 

Our most common forklift bin size is 4x4x4, but we can also make custom heights and dimensions. 

All of our forklift bins have fully welded seams, meaning they can even hold liquids (though that’s not what we recommend) and the sized structure is full metal, not mesh or fencing. 

Whether you’re looking for one forklift bin or a dozen, Creekside Manufacturing’s forklift bins can make life easier, work faster, and your business more productive. 

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Forklift Bins In Pennsylvania by Creekside Manufacturing

What makes a forklift bin so great for businesses of all kinds? What are the benefits of a forklift bin?

1. Increased Productivity

Forklift bins are designed to be quickly and easily loaded onto a forklift, allowing operators to move large volumes of materials quickly and efficiently. This can lead to increased productivity and improved operational efficiency.

2. Improved Safety

Forklift bins are designed to be securely attached to the forklift, reducing the risk of slipping or tipping over when transporting materials. This can help improve safety in the workplace by preventing accidents and injuries associated with manual handling.

3. Reduced Costs

Forklift bins can reduce the costs associated with manual handling, as fewer workers are required to move materials. This can lead to cost savings in terms of staff wages and time spent on the job.

4. Enhanced Versatility

Our forklift bins come in a range of sizes and shapes, allowing operators to choose the size and shape that best suits their needs. This helps to ensure that the right materials are transported quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of damage or loss.

5. Simplified Storage

One of the great advantages of forklift bins is that they do not require traditional pallet racking. Despite being similar in footprint (and we can make our forklift bins to mirror a pallet footprint), they are fully stackable! Imagine the cost-savings in your facility by avoiding the installation of tall pallet racking.

Our forklift bin customers are repeat customers for a reason: we make a durable product that simply works.

Ordering A Creekside Manufacturing Self-Dumping Hopper

With our experience helping dozens of businesses like yours, we can help you select the features that make the most sense for your business or use-case. Once you’ve picked the features and size you need, simply place your order by phone or our website and we go to work.Once your dumpster is complete, pick up or have your dumpster shipped and pay at the time of completion.

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Common Questions About Forklift Bins

Our forklift bins come in a variety of sizes, from small 3x3x3 bins to large pallet-sized bins standing over 4ft tall. The size of the bin you need will depend on the type of materials you’re storing, the size of your forklift, or the space in which you’re storing materials.

Our forklift bins are made of steel angles for bracing and steel sheet metal sides. Our bins are fully welded and do not rely on mesh or any other material for the sides. For most applications, this is ideal, and our fully welded seams will even hold liquids! The forklift bins include standard steel fork tubes underneath the bin.

This does mean our forklift bins are heavier than others on the market. 

After all, the heavier a product, the stronger it’s made!

We specialize in steel forklift bins. However, we can manufacture custom aluminum or stainless steel bins. Wondering if our forklift bins could work? Give us a call and we can help you decide!

Our forklift bins are designed and built to hold 4000 or 6000 pounds of material – whether that’s 4000 or 6000 pounds of feather or bowling balls is up to the customer.

While an excellent storage tool, forklift bins – like many things in warehouses – require some caution. Our forklift bins include fork sleeves to accommodate the forks of your forklift or towmotor, and once your forks are underneath the weighted bin, it generally stays in place.

Our forklift bins are painted to improve durability, longevity, and corrosion resistance. 

We do not powdercoat our forklift bins – for a reason. Powder coating can be excellent for many applications, but in high-impact settings like where many of our forklift bins get used (warehouses, parts bins, waste materials, etc.), powder coating can chip. Once a powder coat has been chipped, moisture can get behind the coating, and rust can develop quickly. 

By contrast, our metal paint is more likely to dent or scratch than flake or chip, reducing the likelihood of damage in the long-run based on our and our customers’ experiences.

As with a pallet, a forklift bin can shift on the forks when moving over uneven ground or terrain. However, because our forklift bins have forklift tubs welded to their bottom, they are less likely to shift to the extent than a pallet, which has a much larger space for “wiggle” room.

Some of the more common accessories or features that people ask for on our forklift bins are 

  • a lower wall on one side to allow for access even when stacked (great for parts storage in a shop)
  • particular heights for storage of specific items 

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