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If you’re working on a rooftop or up a few stories on a construction project, you know it can be a hassle to get your waste or trash down to ground level. 

For those who work in, on, and around taller buildings, like those in the roofing trades, you also know that a telehandler, also known as a pettibone, is a roofer’s best friend.

Our pettibone dumpsters are your second best friend. 

Designed to work perfectly with telehandlers of all kinds, or pettibone dumpsters make roofing and construction projects seamless: for both getting your waste down and getting your tools up, a telehandler dumpster by Creekside Manufacturer should be your go-to for every project. 

Durable Dumpsters for Telehandlers Shipped Nationwide

Whether you’re a roofer, carpenter, or even telehandler rental provider, Creekside Manufacturing makes telehandler dumpsters in a variety of sizes and with accessories to fit your needs. 

Our telehandlers make your project or worksite more efficient, more productive, and safer than any other solution to removing waste from second, third, and fourth floors or roofs. 

Use our telehandler dumpsters to:

Lift larger equipment like pumps, tanks, welders, saws, and air compressors into place without worrying about them falling

Convey small tools and equipment to high construction sites

Lift buckets or bins of water to high locations for atypical projects where water isn’t yet hooked up

Sit right outside a window and throw trash or jobsite waste straight through

Leave at the roof’s edge to collect shingles and roofing removal debris that can slide right off the edge

Anything you can think of that could benefit from a durable, metal container two to five stories off the ground – our pettibone dumpsters are a perfect fit.

Pettibone Dumpster Sizes and Features

  • Our pettibone dumpsters come in 3.7-yard to 7-cubic yard sizes. (One cubic yard is equivalent to a 3’x3’x3’ box)


  • They can be customized to fit your needs. 


  • Feature a weight capacity of 6000 lbs (though do not exceed lift’s capacity)


  • Feature durable steel receivers for telehandler forks and safety pins to secure the pettibone dumpster in place and protect from inadvertent sliding or slipping.

Telehandler Dumpster Benefits

1. Increased Reach

By attaching a dumpster to a telehandler, you can easily extend the reach of the machine, allowing you to place materials in hard-to-access places.

2. Reduced Labor Costs

Attaching a dumpster to a telehandler can eliminate the need for a separate loader and operator, saving you time and money.

3. Increased Safety

With fewer falling objects, risk of jobsite injuries are reduced, along with reduced strain for workers and improved OSHA compliance.

4. Improved Efficiency

With a dumpster attached, materials can be moved quickly and efficiently on the jobsite, increasing productivity for your team (and profitability of your business).

5. Less Strain on Your Employees

Make work easier and more enjoyable by reducing the frequency of running up-and-down steps or ladders. Lift your equipment right to the work with a dumpster on a telehandler.

What To Consider In A Dumpster For Your Telehandlers

Creekside Manufacturing has been designing and building durable dumpsters for telehandlers for over two decades. With years of experience in and around the trades, we’ve been incorporating customer feedback into our products from day one. That’s made us one of the premier dumpster providers for telehandlers on the East Coast. 

We take pride in every dumpster that goes out our doors, and if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll make it right every time.

Make sure the dumpster is the correct size to fit your telehandler/pettibones. Our dumpsters come in a variety of sizes to fit varying telehandler capabilities.

Determine the capacity of the dumpster you or your users might need, as this will affect how much material can be stored, moved, or dumped at once.

Your dumpster should be made of sturdy reinforced steel, include high-quality welding, and be designed to withstand the weight and wear of years of regular use and abuse.

Your dumpster should have safety pins and may even include a locking mechanism to prevent theft or unauthorized access.

How To Order a Telahandler Dumpster by Creekside Manufacturing

Considering your first dumpster or not sure what exactly you need? Give us a call to talk through your use case and learn more about our pettibone dumpster specifications. We’ve been working with roofers, contractors, rental companies, and more for more than twenty years, and we can help you settle on the right dumpster for your business. 

We make ordering easy, with no payment due until pickup and most products ready within weeks. Due to increased demand, our dumpsters are almost always made-to-order. Call or email to learn more and get started today.

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