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Many large shops and warehouses have a forklift (or plenty of forklifts) sitting around and in use daily, but many don’t have a skid-loader or skid-steer on premise. 

For moving large volumes of debris or waste, you’re in a pickle. Do you really NEED another piece of machinery?

The answer is no! If you have a forklift and are considering new machinery to let you scoop and push material on your property, a forklift scoop by Creekside Manufacturing is the perfect solution without breaking the bank. 

Add A Scoop To Your Forklift

For businesses or property owners with forklifts but no equipment with a scoop, like a skid loader, our unique forklift scoops bridge the gap to make your forklift more useful, more functional, and streamline business operations.

We have customers who use our forklift scoops for a variety of uses and settings in a host of different industries:

  • Moving wood shavings and debris around a shop floor
  • Pushing and scooping small amounts of gravel or dirt
  • Hauling manure and animal waste
  • Moving feed and grain on the farm
  • And even snow removal! 


The common thread for all of our forklift scoop customers is versatility – they want to make their current equipment more useful rather than buying another large machine.

The opportunity to put your forklift to greater use with a scoop on the front is fantastic, deploying existing equipment with much lower cost for a scoop.

And if you have a hydraulic hookup on your forklift, our scoops can also be outfitted with a hydraulic cylinder to include hydraulic dumping capabilities!

The Benefits of a Scoop For Your Forklift

Adding a scoop to your forklift can be a great addition for many businesses and home-use settings.

Increased Productivity with a Forklift Scoop

Adding a scoop to a forklift can help to reduce the time to move and transport material, as the scoop provides a larger carrying capacity and a faster loading and unloading process than individual manpower or handcarts.

Improve Safety with a Forklift Scoop

Forklifts with scoops attached are much safer than a forklift with a pallet on it or other “hand-made” contraptions, with less risk of inadvertent dumps or messes. A scoop can also dramatically reduce the amount of manual lifting and carrying that must be done at your jobsite, farm, or warehouse space.

A Forklift Scoop Can Reduce Costs

Adding a scoop to a forklift can help to reduce labor costs, as the scoop enables the forklift to manage more materials more efficiently, reducing the amount of human power and time needed to complete tasks.

Greater Versatility with a Forklift Scoop

Skid steers and skid loaders do a few things very well, like moving and lifting large quantities of debris/dirt/etc. But they aren’t a great solution to most warehouse and commercial needs, like moving pallets, bins, and other large objects.

And chances are if you’re considering a forklift scoop, you already have a forklift! Why own two pieces of equipment at tens of thousands of dollars if one machine can do both tasks. 

A forklift with a scoop can be used to move large and small materials around the facility, including indoors, often with much greater ease than a large skid steer.

Many of our customers for forklift scoops use their forklifts all day every day, and a skid loader for one small project – like scooping dirt a few times a week – simply wouldn’t be worth the investment. 

A forklift scoop is the perfect solution.

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Common Questions about Our Forklift Scoops

Your forklift scoop will replace the forks on your forklift with the same attachment mechanism. If your forklift has hydraulic hookups or attachment points, we can also add a hydraulic cylinder to allow your forklift scoop to move upwards and downwards and dump its contents.

Our standard forklift scoop is 4’, 5’, or 6’ wide by 55” long by 23” high, though we can also customize your forklift scoop to be wider, higher, or longer depending on your needs and the capabilities of your forklift (weight capacity and size).

For most uses, you’ll want a forklift scoop that can contact the floor or ground and scrape debris effectively. That means a beveled edge or scrape plate at the bottom of the scoop.

Operating a forklift with a scoop is similar to operating a forklift with normal forks. Very little will change about the operational elements except how you push or scrape items in front of you. For most indoor operations, it will be quite seamless! 

For outdoor operation and depending on your use, you will want to ensure your forklift has adequate traction in a variety of terrains. If your forklift is not designed to be operated on wet ground or grass, you’ll need to take that into consideration.

A forklift scoop can move just about anything a skid loader can! 

And depending on your forklift size and weight capacity, you’ll be able to lift your scoop to most adequate heights for needs around the farm or shop. You may even be able to use your forklift scoop to load dump trucks and similar high loads. 

Our customers have used forklift scoops from Creekside Manufacturing for:

  • Farming and moving grain, feed, and even manure around the farm. With an all-terrain forklift, the opportunities are boundless on the farm. 
  • For moving dirt and debris around manufacturing facilities, often woodworking and machine shops that create large volumes of shavings, trimmings, and small-to-medium piles of waste. A forklift scoop is a great option for these indoor settings where you’re already using a forklift extensively.
  • Construction settings can be a great use for a forklift scoop, particularly large-scale commercial builds where your equipment is operating already on a large concrete slab.

When you order your forklift scoop or pick it up (we ship too!), we’ll explain how to attach your forklift scoop safely to the forklift. For most people familiar with forklift operation, it will be obvious how our scoops attach to the forklift.

Get a Scoop For Your Forklift From Creekside Manufacturing

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Forklift scoops are incredibly useful for a wide variety of operations, including: loading, unloading, transferring, and stacking materials; moving large and heavy items; sorting, organizing, and storing materials; and loading and unloading trucks. Forklift scoops can also be used in construction projects to move dirt and rubble, or in manufacturing to move parts and components.

Whatever your setting, our team can help you select the right forklift scoop, customize it for your needs, and make your business more productive and efficient. Order your forklift scoop today – your employees and team members will thank you!