Construction Hoppers To Streamline Your Jobsite

Durable, industry-leading construction debris hoppers to make your projects easier, faster, and safer. 

Construction Hoppers by Creekside: Handle Construction Debris and Trash From Any Height

Unlock efficiency and enhance productivity with Creekside Manufacturing’s premier construction hoppers — the ultimate solution for your worksite’s material handling needs. Our robust pettibone dumpsters are engineered to withstand the rigors of any construction environment, delivering unmatched durability and reliability.

Ready to upgrade your jobsite and give your team the upper hand?

Transform how you handle materials and keep your projects on track with Creekside Manufacturing’s construction hoppers. Durability, versatility, and safety—carry it all in the strength of Creekside. Call today to learn more and place your construction hopper order!

A self dumping hopper for construction

The Best Construction Hoppers on the East Coast?
We Like to Think So.

No matter your trade, if you deal with construction debris and work at any height above the first floor (and even ON the first floor) you’ll find incredibly versatility and usefulness from our construction hoppers. They’re perfect for both removing debris AND for moving equipment and manpower into place.

Take your business to new heights with your first construction hopper!

Elevate your construction hopper to the roof’s edge to collect shingles and roofing debris that can slide right off the edge

Easily collect and remove construction debris such as broken concrete, scrap metal, and wood for a cleaner, safer work site that reduces the risk of accidents and increases efficiency by minimizing clutter.

For projects that involve landscaping, use the dumpster to transport or remove soil, stones, and organic debris, making it easier to sculpt and clean the environment according to design specifications.

Sits right outside a window so your team can throw trash or job-site debris straight through – no more handling waste in buckets!

Lift small and large equipment like air pumps, tanks, welders, saws, and more into place without worrying about them falling

Temporarily store construction materials and tools in the dumpster to protect them from weather damage or potential theft, providing a secure, mobile storage solution that keeps essential items handy and organized.

You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It...
Real-World Customer Testimonials

I requested a quote for a custom sized dump hopper for a very specific application and it was delivered quickly, and was of good quality. Justin was great to work with and was flexible on changing a few small items of the design that made it fit our purposes perfectly.
Chris Creech
Chris Creech
January 9, 2024
The product was delivered on time and is well built. Great folks and products.
Van Hendry
Van Hendry
January 5, 2024
Great company and easy to work with
Amos Ebersol
Amos Ebersol
January 2, 2024
Justin was great to talk to ,understood what we wanted and gave us an excellent product great experience
Brian Abruzzo
Brian Abruzzo
August 7, 2023
This was my first purchase from Creekside. I purchased a heavy duty dump hopper That is definitely built to last. Yes, I could have saved a few hundred dollars shopping somewhere else, but I know this model is built to last. The gentleman I spoke with during my inquiry/ sale was very adamant about the quality in the materials and manufacturing of there products. I definitely recommend Creekside Manufacturing.
Mike Fritz
Mike Fritz
July 23, 2023
Creekside is great to work with! I have over a dozen of their trash hoppers and have never had any issues with them. I highly recommend them.
Jordan Espenshade
Jordan Espenshade
July 6, 2023
High quality, great customer service!
Daniel Lee Stoltzfuz
Daniel Lee Stoltzfuz
April 6, 2023
Great fabricator. Quality workmanship at reasonable prices.
Rob Rutledge
Rob Rutledge
May 15, 2018

Our Construction Hopper Dumpster Sizes and Features

See Some Of Our Construction Hoppers In Action

2 Yard Self-Dumping Hopper with Bump-n-Dump

High Volume Customizable Self-Dumping Dumpster

Skidsteer Mounted Quick Attach Dumpster

Why Choose Creekside For Your Next (or First) Construction Hopper?

Unyielding Strength

Built with high-quality steel, our dumpsters are designed to handle heavy loads effortlessly, from construction debris to construction materials.

Reduce Your Labor Costs

Cut down on manually moving "stuff" around the jobsite. A construction hopper or construction dumper makes it a breeze!

Versatile Design

ompatible with a variety of telehandlers, our dumpsters ensure seamless integration with your existing fleet, making them a versatile addition to any site.

Safety First

Engineered with worker safety in mind, our hoppers feature stability and ease of operation, reducing the risk of onsite accidents.

Optimal Capacity

Maximize your productivity with our large-capacity designs that mean fewer trips and more efficient site management.

Ready To Order YOUR Construction Hopper?

Let's Make Your Work Easier Together

If you’re using dated construction hoppers with no self-dumping mechanism – or worse, carting debris around the job-site by hand – it’s time to make your work easier. 

Let Creekside Manufacturing be your guide to a safer and more efficient workplace with our industry leading pettibone and telehandler construction dumpsters. Fork-mounted or quick-attach, you’ve never used anything easier. 

Invest in your future today – call Creekside Manufacturing to order a new or used construction hopper.

FAQs About Our Construction Hoppers

The weight capacity of our construction hoppers varies depending on the model and size, but they typically begin at 6,000 pounds. This allows for the handling of a wide variety of materials, from light debris to heavy construction materials, ensuring versatility across different project needs.

Yes, we offer customization options for our construction dumpsters to meet specific project requirements. Options include varying dimensions, material types, and additional features like casters for mobility. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs and explore our customization solutions.

Our construction hoppers are designed to be compatible with a wide range of telehandlers, pettibone handlers, and skid loaders or skid steers. We recommend talking to our sales team abnd checking the specific attachment interface and load capacity of your equipment model to ensure compatibility. Our team is available to help you match our dumpsters with your existing equipment.

Our construction hoppers are manufactured at our New Holland, PA facility and can be shipped nationwide or picked up right here at our facility. We sell dumpsters up and down the east coast and into the midwest.

Our construction hoppers can last a lifetime! These dumpsters are designed to last for many years. The lifespan can vary based on factors such as the frequency of use and the nature of the materials handled, but with proper care and some maintenance, these dumpsters can serve your construction needs reliably for over a decade.

Have Other Questions? Fire Away!