Forklift Dumpsters and Forklift Hoppers

Make business easier, make business safer, and make business more profitable

Work Faster and More Efficiently With A Creekside Manufacturing Forklift Dumpster

You’ve got the forklift, now what if you could move your indoor trash outside – or your parts bins easily around the facility – with little more than a few new specialized bins?

Creekside Manufacturing offers forklift dumpsters that are designed to improve the efficiency of work and business operations. Our self- dumping hoppers and fixed forklift hoppers come in a variety of sizes, capacities, and profiles to cater to the needs of your business.

Whether you’re looking to make waste handling easier or your looking for a better storage solution, we have forklift dumpsters or forklift hoppers that will fit your business and your budget.

The Best Forklift Dumpster?
The One That's Right for Your Business

Creekside Manufacturing does one thing and one thing well: we make forklift dumpsters and forklift hoppers.

Whether you need a low-profile hopper to slide under a workbench, you’re hoping to stack and store parts in bins, or you’re looking to haul large amounts of trash in and out of your workshop, we’ve got a forklift dumpster solution for you.

The dumpster that we’re most known for, our self-dumping forklift dumpsters make waste handling a breeze. Slide in your forks (or usea built-in quick-attach feature) and whisk your trash indoors, outdoors, and anywhere you need. 

Great for reducing manual trash-loading by hand.

Perfect for construction sites, our pettibone forklift dumpsters can be elevated as far as your lift will take them. Load them up then bring your trash to ground level safely and efficiently. Quit throwing trash multiple stories to the ground below – keep your team safe and speed up cleanup on every project.

The simplest bin we make, these forklift hoppers are perfect for parts or material storage, as they can be stacked, or if you have a rotator attachment on your forklift, they van even be used for dumping waste into a larger outdoor dumpster. 

Versatile and inexpensive!

Don’t buy another piece of machinery! 

With our durable scoop-and-dump forklift dumpster, you can scoop bulk loose material like sawdust, gravel, dirt, and more with the same tow motor you already have! 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

“This was my first purchase from Creekside. I purchased a heavy duty dump hopper That is definitely built to last. Yes, I could have saved a few hundred dollars shopping somewhere else, but I know this model is built to last. The gentleman I spoke with during my inquiry/ sale was very adamant about the quality in the materials and manufacturing of there products. I definitely recommend Creekside Manufacturing.”

Mike F.

Satisfied CLient

“Great fabricator. Quality workmanship at reasonable prices.”

Rob R.

Satisfied CLient

“Creekside is great to work with! I have over a dozen of their trash hoppers and have never had any issues with them. I highly recommend them.”

Jordan E.

Satisfied CLient

“Justin was great to talk to ,understood what we wanted and gave us an excellent product great experience.”

Brian A.

Satisfied CLient

Forklift Dumpsters Make Work Safer and More Profitable

If you’re looking for the best forklift dumpsters around, you’ve found it. 

We’ve been helping businesses, manufacturing facilities, recycling operations, and a wide range of industries speed up their work, get more efficient with their operations, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Get more efficient and more profitable so you can focus on what you love: growing your business and being with those you love.

Forklift Dumpsters Are safe

Here's what we often hear from our customers: they're tired of lugging their trash cans outside dozens of times a week.

Our self-dumping forklift dumpsters are a breath of fresh air. Load them up inside your building (and even right at the workstation with a low-profile dumpster), slide your forklift underneath, roll it outside, and dump it into your outdoor dumpster with a flick of the wrist.

No back-breaking lifting. No precarious tipping of trash cans into a dumpster. Less risk of falls and injuries!

forklift dumpsters save time

If your team is manually carrying trash out of the building, or manually carrying parts around the warehouse all day every day, the right forklift dumpster could save you hours of time.

Both our forklift dumpsters and our forklift hoppers can provide easy waste handling or easy parts handling! Built to the size and specifications you need, every variety of forklift dumpster we make is destined to save your team time.

forklift dumpsters let your team focus on their work

With less time doing the "non" work, your team can focus on the real work – and the think that makes your business more profitable.

Every ten minutes that your team spends moving trash around is ten minutes NOT crafting the goods and services that your customers. More work means greater profitability, and more freedom for you to focus on the rest of your life.

Why Our Customers Love Creekside

Made for durability

Every forklift dumpster we built is made to last, with thick steel (or aluminum), a durable paint coating, and hand-welded joints that you won't find anywhere else.

made with efficiency in mind

Our goal is to make your business easier and safer. Every design we launch is built from the ground up to be easy to use, make sense for anyone, and to provide improved operational efficiencies in your work.

service that you can count on

We take great care in providing a top-notch experience for our customers. When you call, chances are you'll be speaking with our owner, who loves nothing more than helping businesses find the right solutions to their material handling needs.

Made In Lancaster, Delivered to You:
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Jobsite Forklift Dumpsters

Creekside Manufacturing specializes in forklift dumpsters designed for compatibility with telehandler equipment so they can be used at any height. These reliable, long-lasting forklift dumpsters generally have one open end to make waste-management in construction easy. Simply lift your forklift dumpster to the roof or second/third story window, and throw the trash in! 

With upgraded weight capacity and built to handle heavy abuse, our forklift dumpsters for pettibones and telehandlers can handle everything from wood scraps to concrete block.

Self-Dumping Forklift Dumpsters

A self-dumping forklift dumpster is the go-to choice for many of our customers. As a versatile solution to hand-unloading trash, a forklift dumper with our unique built-in swivel mechanism can be dumped into a waiting dumpster (generally outdoors) with ease and safety. 

With a built-in safety chain and no-nonsense hinge, you’ve never experienced easier trash handling.

Simple Forklift Hoppers

Creekside Manufacturing’s forklift hoppers are crafted to provide an optimal solution for waste handling or parts storage 

Thanks to a sturdy, robust design and available in an array of dimensions and sizes, they can be stacked 3 or 4 high, making them a perfect replacement for pallet racking!

Forklift Dumpster and SCoop

We love the engineering on this system.

Rather than invest in another piece of heavy equipment to move dirt or debris, our scooping forklift dumpsters operate close enough to the ground that they can effectively be used to move gravel, soil, sawdust, millings – you name it. Indoors or out, this scoop-and-dump is an awesome addition to your operations.

Custom Forklift Dumpsters

We know that every business is unique, which is why we take pride (and have some fun_ building custom forklift dumpsters and hoppers for any situation you can come up with. That sometimes includes:

  • custom materials, like aluminum or stainless steel for corrosive environments
  • Specialty paints to match your business’ branding or logos
  • Specialty mechanisms for loading and unloading

When it comes to forklift dumpsters, if you can dream it up, we’d love to try to build it.

Order Your Forklift Dumpster Today!

If you’ve still got questions, or are curious about pricing, we’d love to talk. Our team is standing by to answer your pressing forklift dumpster quesitons, give our advice based on your business’ needs, and provide killer customer service from first contact to the end.

Call today to learn more and order your forklift dumpster in no time.

FAQs About Our Forklift Dumpsters

Do you ship nationwide?

We ship forklift dumpsters all across the U.S. Call to learn more and find out about pricing for delivery. You can also pick up your forklift dumpster at our New Holland, PA manufacturing facility.

Is it cheaper to get a hopper with no dumping mechanism?

A forklift hopper with no moving parts will be the most affordable hopper we sell. But, our dumpsters and hoppers are priced competitively, and we find most customers are very happy with our pricing, no matter the dumpster they get.