Low-Profile Hoppers

Self-dumping or fixed dump hoppers that fit under workbenches and workstations – and anywhere you need

Save Time and Save Space With A Low-Profile Dumpster

What if you could make your employees happier, increase productivity, and reduce the risk of injury in your facility, all with one small investment?

A low profile dump hopper is the solution.

At Creekside Manufacturing, we understand the critical role that efficient waste management plays in the smooth operation of your business. Our low profile hoppers are designed with this in mind, offering a compact and versatile solution for handling waste and materials right at the source! Slide them under your workbench, chuck the material in, and keep your team working.

These hoppers are ideal for businesses with limited space or those simply looking to improve their waste handling processes. Their low profile design facilitates easy loading and unloading compared to trash bins, reducing strain on your workforce and increasing operational efficiency.

If you’re ready to kick your inefficient waste handling approach to the curb – and keep your team ticking – we’d love to connect.

A Range of Low-Profile Hoppers To Fit Your Needs and Your Space

Our low-profile dump hoppers are designed to be versatile for a range of manufacturing and waste-handling settings. Available in 4 standard sizes, we also do custom low profile hoppers for many of our clients who have very specific manufacturing needs. 


Self-Dumping Low-Profile Hoppers

(Universal quick-attach dumpster pictured above)

With a self dumping tilt mechanism (that can also remain safely in a locked position) and forklift pockets, a low profile self-dumping hopper is the go-to choice for many of our customers. 

These low profile dumpsters can slide under workbenches, come standard with 4-inch casters for easy movement around the facility, but most importantly, can be emptied safely and comfortably with the flick of a lever from the seat of your forklift.


Fixed Low-Profile Hoppers

(Rotating forklift bin pictured above)

Sometimes, our customers don’t need the self-dumping mechanism we’re known for. That’s just fine, too. 

We make fixed-position low-profile hoppers on casters (4-inch standard) that can be quickly moved around your facility for trash and waste or parts storage. We can make them in a stackable form-factor, too, which can be a great way to forego pallet racking in favor of these movable, mobile units.

We frequently build low-profile hoppers for customers that work with long or oddly-shaped materials.

Wood shops, metal fabricators, and other manufacturing settings find that our open-end low profile hoppers are a great way to load and store materials beneath or next to workstations, with less manual handling of products and more time spent crafting.

If you have a need, we can fill it. We build custom low profile hoppers and dumpsters to fit all kind of settings. Have a particular height? We can do that.

Have a particular width or depth? We do that too. 

Need a corrosion-resistant material, like stainless steel? Or a bottom-dumping mechanism? We can make it happen. Whatever your custom dumpster needs, Creekside Manufacturing can build it.

What Customers Are Saying About Creekside's Dumpsters

“Great fabricator. Quality workmanship at reasonable prices.”

Rob R.

Satisfied CLient

“Creekside is great to work with! I have over a dozen of their trash hoppers and have never had any issues with them. I highly recommend them.”

Jordan E.

Satisfied CLient

“Justin was great to talk to ,understood what we wanted and gave us an excellent product great experience.”

Brian A.

Satisfied CLient

“This was my first purchase from Creekside. I purchased a heavy duty dump hopper That is definitely built to last. Yes, I could have saved a few hundred dollars shopping somewhere else, but I know this model is built to last. The gentleman I spoke with during my inquiry/ sale was very adamant about the quality in the materials and manufacturing of there products. I definitely recommend Creekside Manufacturing.”

Mike F.

Satisfied CLient

Low Profile Hopper Benefits and Uses

Quit hauling trash cans around and switch to a low-profile dumpster – make the smart move today!

Forklift-mounted scoop and dump

Increased Efficiency

Low-profile hoppers mean less movement and less wasted time: no more running back and forth with trash bins all day. Simply slide the hopper out, put it on a forklift, and off it goes to your large dumpster, generally outdoors. It's back in minutes.


We find that many of our customers are buying low profile hoppers to replace 3 trash cans they've been using for a decade. A self-dumping low-profile hopper can make a huge difference in workplace safety by cutting out the "hand dumping" and "lifting" associated with trash cans. If you're lifting trash cans on a pallet to dump them into your dumpster, a new low profile hopper could be transformative for your team.


Available in painted steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, our low-profile hoppers will last a lifetime. Designed for heavy use and abuse, these low profile hoppers can take a beating no matter what you're throwing inside. We even make corrosion-proof hoppers for the food- and pharmaceutical industries!

Whos' the right person for our low-profile dumpster? you Are!

Low profile dumpsters or hoppers are perfect for businesses of all kinds, streamlining workflows and keeping employees more content and more productive throughout the day. 

Low-profile hoppers are usually intended to slide beneath a workbench or production line, allowing for space-savings on the manufacturing floor and less movement for your employees. Moreover, because they can be loaded and unloaded with a forklift, and dumped directly into a large dumpster in the case of self-dumping low profile hoppers, they save considerable time and effort on waste management.

Who are our common users?

Manufacturing Facilities: Businesses involved in manufacturing often deal with various materials, including scrap metal, milling, and plastic remnants. Low profile dump hoppers can streamline the process of collecting, moving, and disposing of these materials efficiently. In addition, many manufacturing facilities find that our low-profile hoppers are a great way to store parts or components that get used all day every day – store them right beneath or at the workstation!

Warehouses and Distribution Centers: These facilities often generate a significant amount of waste material, such as cardboard, shrink wrap, and other packaging materials. Low profile dump hoppers can help in organizing waste management, reducing clutter, and improving operational workflow in areas where your team members are working.

Woodworking Shops: A low profile dump hopper is invaluable for managing wood shavings, offcuts, and sawdust. These materials can accumulate quickly, creating a mess and potential safety hazards. A low profile hopper allows for easy collection and disposal of these by-products right at the site of the mess, keeping the workspace clean and organized. And their design is suited for tight spaces common in woodworking facilities, making waste management more efficient and improving overall productivity and safety in the space.

Choose the Low-Profile Dumpster That's Right For You!

We manufacture four standard sizes of low-profile dumpsters (with our reliable self-dumping mechanism standard), but many of our customers also opt for a custom option.

Our Standard Low-Profile Dumpster Dimensions:

4' Wide x 4' Deep x 26" High

5' Wide x 4' Deep x 26" High

4' Wide x 4' Deep x 34" High

5' Wide x 4' Deep x 34" High

Every low-profile hopper comes standard with 4" heavy-duty casters and can be easily rolled beneath workbenches

Can be manufactured with open ends or even a flat bottom for atypical materials.

Comes standard in painted steel but can be made with stainless steel or aluminum for corrosive or special environments.

Available for pickup or delivery in 1-3 weeks, and sometimes same-day. Call for manufacturing times!

Order Your Hopper Today!

Ready to learn more about a low-profile self-dumping hopper from Creekside Manufacturing? We’d love to connect. 

Call for pricing, to talk about options, and to place your order in minutes. 

FAQs About Our Low Profile Dumpsters

Can I get a totally flat low-profile dumpster?

We manufacture self-dumping hoppers that are essentially just a flat skid deck, or even available as rails. Sometimes called "skeleton dumpsters", these can be useful for sheet metal, plywood, plastic, and more.

Do you ship nationwide?

We ship our dumpsters throughout the U.S. Call to learn more and find out about pricing for delivery. You can also pick up your dumpster at our Lancaster County, PA manufacturing facility.

Is it cheaper to get a hopper with no dumping mechanism?

It may cost a little less, but unless you have a rotating forklift, we've found that most customers are thrilled to have the self-dumping mechanism, even when they don't use it often. It's just a functional, easy-to-use mechanism!