The Benefits of Using a Self-Dumping Hopper

The Benefits of Using a Self-Dumping Hopper

Self-dumping hoppers make workplace environments more efficient, more enjoyable for employees and craftspeople, and ultimately more profitable. 

Self-dumping hoppers are large metal bins – sizes can range from large trash can to full-size 10 cubic-yard dumpsters – that attach to traditional forklift or telehandler forks and ride on an engineered rocker system, allowing the forklift operator to dump the bin’s contents with the pull of a lever. Self-dumping hoppers’ unique design requires nothing more than gravity to effortlessly dump materials of all kinds – no hydraulics and no motors.

Businesses use self-dumping bins in a variety of common manufacturing and construction settings: wood shops, construction sites, roofing, machine shops, plastics manufacturing, recycling & waste disposal, and more.

Imagine the alternative (you may even be living it): filling barrels or trash cans all day with scrap materials, then rolling them outdoors on hand-carts before laboriously lifting and dumping them into your dumpster. Or maybe you corral them on pallets, lift your containers 6 feet in the air, and dangerously tip them over the edge.

Self-dumping hoppers solve all of this. Load them up throughout the day, slide your forks underneath, and roll out to your central dumpster with significant time-savings, less labor, and improved safety on the jobsite.

Self-Dumping Hoppers Increase Efficiency

Quit handling waste material more than once: a self-dumping hopper next to your waste-producing workstations can make for less employee time spent removing waste and greater output capabilities as a result. 

If your team members are man-handling and hauling waste out by hand more than once a day, it’s time to consider a self-dumping hopper. 

  • Less labor spent hauling waste
  • More time spent on the project or final product

Self-dumping hoppers mean you handle waste just once and will save your team time and effort better spent on the things that make your business money.

Self-Dumping Hoppers Improve Safety

Manually loading and unloading bins or barrels creates multiple hazards along the way for yourself or employees. Replacing your current manual process with a fast, easy self-dumping hopper will reduce the risk of injuries at work and keep your employees happier and satisfied. 

  • Less risk of slips and falls with no need to climb up and down ladders or to reach into bins
  • Reduce the risk of back or muscle injuries by eliminating repetitive strains and heavy loads

Self-dumping hoppers can be an invaluable tool for improving safety in the workplace, saving employees from strains and eliminating otherwise unsafe situations. Imagine: no more straining to get barrels up and over into the dumpster; no more balancing on a pallet as it’s raised to the lip of your dumpster. 

Some of our customers’ favorite safety features on Creekside Manufacturing’s self-dumping hoppers include:

  • A reliable pull-rope system that allows a forklift operator to release the latch on their self-dumping hopper from the safety of the driver’s seat, meaning less climbing and faster waste removal.
  • A bump-release mechanism that allows the self-dumping hopper to simply “bump” against the dumpster where you’re unloading to release the safety latch and the hopper’s contents.

Self-Dumping Hoppers Increase Output and Profitability

With less time spent handling waste material and more time spent doing the work that makes your customers’ happy, self-dumping hoppers pay for themselves. 

If your team spends more than 15 minutes a day moving, dumping, sorting, or handling trash or refuse material in any way, your business will experience time-saving and cost-saving from day one when switching to self-dumping hoppers.

Less time and effort spent moving waste around means more time and effort spent productively.

Customizable and Versatile Self-Dumping Hoppers

While we can’t speak for every self-dumping hopper on the market, here are some features that resonate with Creekside Manufacturing’s customers:

Unrivaled durability and intelligent design

Our self-dumping hoppers are built for durability and longevity from the ground up. With completely welded seams (our hoppers will even hold water) and corner bends, not welded butt-ends, our hoppers stand up to even the worst abuse. The skid underneath our hoppers is built with 7-gauge steel on our smaller dumpsters and 3-gauge steel on our 3-yard dumpsters or larger, and our unique anti-hop system holds up far longer than a traditional latch-and-pin system (call and ask to learn more about this unique feature). In 2021, we were loading a truck with self-dumping hoppers when one slipped from our loader and tumbled over ten feet to the asphalt below. The hopper was completely undamaged, and it’s been performing flawlessly ever since.

We use high-quality enamel paint from a paint provider that specializes in paint for dumpsters(!), virtually eliminating the risk of rust development. Powder coating, as with many of our competitors, will inevitably chip and scratch allowing moisture and rust development.

No-maintenance and easy to use

We build hoppers to be completely self-dumping, with no motors or extra moving parts that can wear out with time. Our goal is to create a virtually no-maintenance product.

Customizable and stackable

Fully customizable and with sizes for every setting, we build dump hoppers to all kinds of unique specifications! From 1 cubic yard to tuck under a workbench to 10 cubic yards, there’s a size for every job site or facility. We can also add heavy-duty casters for rolling around the shop.

For some customers, we’ve found that stackability is a must. Our hoppers can be stacked without pallet racks to fit your particular needs.

Competitive pricing and a commitment to satisfaction

Our hoppers are priced to compete, and with a life-span of decades (we have hoppers still out in the world thirty years later!) are a worthy investment for any business. 

And, we stand behind our self-dumping hoppers 100%: if something ever goes wrong, we work hard to fix it or make it right.

Where To Buy a Self-Dumping Hopper

Curious to learn more? Creekside Manufacturing provides functional, durable self-dumping hoppers and forklift dumpsters for businesses of all kinds. Learn more and get the perfect dumping hopper by calling today.

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