Self-Dumping Hoppers for Sale In Maryland

Built for the Best: Maryland Trusts Creekside Manufacturing For Dump Hoppers and Dumpsters

As a Maryland business owner, you understand the importance of efficiency and safety in your operations.

Handling bulk materials and waste the WRONG WAY bog your team down and introduce safety hazards to the work place, leading to increased labor costs,  operational slowdowns, and even potential injuries.

At Creekside Manufacturing, we recognize these pain points and offer easy, affordable solutions that can transform your workflow.

Our durable, built-in-Lancaster self-dumping hoppers are designed to simplify material and waste handling, improve safety at your workplace, and boost productivity – for greater profitability. Discover how our high-quality, loing-lasting self-dumping hoppers can help YOUR business thrive by calling or ordering online today. 

Dump Hoppers for Sale In Baltimore and Maryland


Standard Self-Dumping Hoppers

We manufacture satandard self-dumping hoppers in a range of sizes, colors (we even do custom!), and features. Whether you’re looking to use a dump-hopper on the construction site or for more lightweight duties in your Maryland seafood facility, we’ve got a size and capacity to fit your business.


Open-Ended Dump Hoppers

Our open-end dump hoppers are great for long or oddly-shaped waste material. With both ends open and an inclined front end, they accept scrap metal, wood, PVC, piping, and more with ease – and they dump even easier!


Low-Profile Dump Hoppers

Wish you could get your team a trash system right at their workbench? We’ve got you covered with low-profile dump hoppers that will go just about anywhere. Available on casters so they can roll beneath worktables and manufacturing stations, your team will thank you for the improved efficiency – at the same time they’re getting MORE work done!


Quick-Attach Dump Hoppers

Perfect as a construction site trash hopper or on larger manufacturing campuses, our quick-attach dumpsters are a heavy duty and durable solution for farms, jobsites, and more. They work well at elevation, too, for removing trash from second or even third-story windows. Hook it up to your skid-loader or pettibone and whisk the trash away! 

The Creekside Advantage

Fully customizable and feature-rich

Our standard 4,0000- and 6,000-pound capacities can be modified to suit your business or systems! From 1/3-yard dumpsters to massive 7+ yard dumpsters, we can make whatever you need.

A Simple Release Mechanism

Virtually eliminate manual labor and easily dump waste from the safety of your tow motor, skid steer, or forklift seat with a gravity-operated release and dumping mechanism.

Remarkable Durability

Featuring fully welded seams, painted steel (also available in aluminum and stainless steel), fork tubes, safety chains standard, and optional casters or quick-attach mechanisms.

hands-free latch and Swing system

Our hassle-free and hands-free "bump" release system with a allows a forklift operator to simply "bump" against the dumpster or waste facility to release the safety latch and drop the load!

Our Customer Reviews Say It All

I requested a quote for a custom sized dump hopper for a very specific application and it was delivered quickly, and was of good quality. Justin was great to work with and was flexible on changing a few small items of the design that made it fit our purposes perfectly.
Chris Creech
Chris Creech
January 9, 2024
The product was delivered on time and is well built. Great folks and products.
Van Hendry
Van Hendry
January 5, 2024
Great company and easy to work with
Amos Ebersol
Amos Ebersol
January 2, 2024
Justin was great to talk to ,understood what we wanted and gave us an excellent product great experience
Brian Abruzzo
Brian Abruzzo
August 7, 2023
This was my first purchase from Creekside. I purchased a heavy duty dump hopper That is definitely built to last. Yes, I could have saved a few hundred dollars shopping somewhere else, but I know this model is built to last. The gentleman I spoke with during my inquiry/ sale was very adamant about the quality in the materials and manufacturing of there products. I definitely recommend Creekside Manufacturing.
Mike Fritz
Mike Fritz
July 23, 2023
Creekside is great to work with! I have over a dozen of their trash hoppers and have never had any issues with them. I highly recommend them.
Jordan Espenshade
Jordan Espenshade
July 6, 2023
High quality, great customer service!
Daniel Lee Stoltzfuz
Daniel Lee Stoltzfuz
April 6, 2023
Great fabricator. Quality workmanship at reasonable prices.
Rob Rutledge
Rob Rutledge
May 15, 2018

How Self-Dumping Hoppers Make Business Better in Maryland

Put employee grumbling and lost production time out of your head and off your to-do list with dump hoppers by Creekside Manufacturing.

Imagine a workplace where heavy loads are effortlessly moved around, minimizing manual labor and virtually eliminating the risk of injuries. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing forklift or tow motor setup, our innovative hoppers revolutionize material handling by automating the collection, transportation, and disposal of bulk materials. 

With our self-dumping hoppers, you can achieve swift, effortless material handling, transforming your workflow into a well-oiled machine of productivity and safety.

Crafted for durability and versatility, they handle everything from scrap metal and waste to raw materials with ease. The genius of these hoppers lies in their automatic tilting and dumping capabilities, ensuring precise, spill-free disposal. This efficiency not only keeps your workspace immaculate but also cuts down on cleanup time and material loss, driving your productivity and cost savings to new heights.

Imagine strategically placed self-dumping hoppers across your site – streamline your workflow and allow your team to focus on their core tasks without interruption.

The result? A bustling, productive environment where operations flow smoothly, safety is paramount, and profitability soars.

Invest in a self-dumping hopper and watch your business transform, as efficiency, safety, and productivity reach unprecedented levels.

Hey Maryland - See Our Self-Dumping Hoppers In Action!

Open End Low Profile Self-Dumping Hopper

Low Profile Self-Dumping Skeleton Hopper

Skidsteer Mounted Quick Attach Dumpster

High Volume Customizable Self-Dumping Dumpster

High Volume Low Profile Self-Dumping Hopper

2 Yard Self-Dumping Hopper with Bump-n-Dump

Maryland Dump Hopper Pricing and Models

Standard 4,000 LB Capacity Models

Standard 6,000 LB Capacity MOdels

“We’ve been working with customers like you long enough to know exactly what kinds of features will truly help your business get more efficient. As a custom fabrication shop in addition to our hopper manufacturing, we’re happy to customize hoppers to your needs and work with you to find the right fit! Give my team a call and let’s chat!”

 – Justin Oberholtzer, Creekside Manufacturing Owner

Biotechnology and Life Sciences

We build dump hoppers for pharmaceuticals! Maryland's thriving biotech sector, with research institutions, pharma companies, and medical facilities, is a common user of our stainless steel and fully welded dump hoppers.

Construction Companies and Contractors

Maryland construction companies boost efficiency and safety with our self-dumping hoppers. These hoppers automate material handling, reducing labor and injury risks. By keeping job sites cleaner and operations smoother, our hoppers help construction firms enhance productivity and profitability.

Manufacturing and Craftsman

Maryland manufacturing and woodshops enhance efficiency and safety with our self-dumping hoppers by reducing labor and keeping workspaces clean, allowing craftsmen to focus on productivity and precision.

Seafood and Maritime

Maryland's maritime and seafood industries thrive with our self-dumping hoppers, helping to get solid and liquid waste out of facilities quickly, and even handling live crab with ease!

The Best Dump Hoppers for Maryland and Baltimore's Bustling Commercial Needs

Within one hour of MOST of Maryland and Baltimore, we build dump hoppers in the heart of Lancaster county, PA. Available for pickup or shipped to you!

The Best Trash Hoppers for Sale In Maryland

Dump Hopper FAQs

Check out our pricing sheet here, and get in touch to get a custom quote on your order (including shipping)!

Maintenance is minimal and straightforward with our dump hoppers. Regular cleaning, a little lubrication, and occasional checks for wear and tear are typically sufficient to keep the hoppers in excellent working condition.

Yes, our self-dumping hoppers are built with robust, corrosion-resistant materials and paint, designed to withstand harsh maritime conditions. They are perfect for handling the rigorous demands of the seafood industry, including exposure to saltwater and heavy loads.


Have Other Questions? Fire Away!

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